Tuition Prices

Tuition for the school year is $425.00 per month for ten months. The first tuition payment will be due on August 1, and the first of each subsequent month, until May 1. There will be a late charge of $20 after the 10th of the month. Families (and individuals) paying the entire yearly tuition by August 1, will receive a 10% discount.

Registration fee
A registration fee of $50 is due at the time of registration. This fee is non refundable. Enrollment information can be submitted to the school before paying the registration fee, however no spot is guaranteed for your child unless registration has been paid.

Book/Material fee
The tuition fees cover the cost of 72 books that your child will use during the course of one year at Hillcrest Academy. You will be billed quarterly for books beyond the “normal” amount and they are $10 each.

Testing Fee
An additional fee for Fall and Spring testing will be assessed. The Stanford Achievement Test costs $75 for each child, twice per year. The testing allows us to measure your child’s academic growth.

Tutoring Fee
We are proud to offer tutoring services for students who need extra assistance. The tutor will help your child for $150 per month.

Family discounts
Discounts are offered to families registering more than one student. Please contact us for more information on these discounts.

Scholarships are available through John McKay @ 1-800-447-1636 or, you must have an IEP or be an ESE student to qualify. Step Up For Students @ 1-866-406-6923 or approval for SUFS is based on income. Please call either number for details or stop by the school office for a brochure.